Hey my little baby, oh you look so fine
everytime i see you, i wish that you were mine
i woke up this morning, only thinking about you
and then i really knew, that my love for you is true

I'm writing and I'm writing, thus I won't forgett
what happened between the two of us, and what i never will regret
I hardly keep on living, as I wish you were here
This song is just for you, my one and only BEER

It began quite early, in the year one five one six
When somebody was telling you that beer shouldn’t be mixed
So people keep on drinking, since that point in time
And you my lovely cold one, forever will be mine.

Even at breakfast, that’s something you wouldn’t think
It’s best to have some sausages; with that this delicious drink
An if you have bin thinking: “Shame on you, what a mess”
Then my pal, just try it, it will lead you to success!

No matter if you’re happy and want to celebrate;
If you want just to relax or you are full of hate,
Or if you feeling down and your heart is full of fear
There’s only one solution: Get over here and have a beer.