A Normal Sunday Morning

Waking up this morning, opening my eyes
suddenly there is it, that unblessed surprise,
my head begins to barst, it soon will make „kawoom“
and my bed is striving circles, with high speed through my room.

I close my eyes again, searching for the breaks
the bed is getting faster, the longer that takes
I don't know what to do, and open my eyes again,
but i simply can not help myself, that bullshit is the same.

Suddenly i am enlightened, like a burning witch
I'm in a roller-coaster, My mind is about to pitch
now i really have enough, and think „that is it“
please, Mr, stop my bed, I'd really like to quit.

This story of the roller-coaster is just – I'm afraid -
the result of my imagination, and not a real aid
for another try, i start to count the sheep
barf on the floor one time or two, and fall back in to sleep

Help! - My stupid bed keeps on spinning round and I'm too drunk to put my lousy food back on the ground can somebody stop my bed i can take it anymore otherwise the drinks return which i had the day before